Custom tailored by your measurements


Sérsaumuð jakkaföt og skyrtur fyrir karlmenn á öllum aldri.

Come Visit Us 

Make an appointment to meet with our image consultant. Together we go over fabrics, measurements and customizations, and help you get the wardrobe you’ve always wanted that fits perfectly. We make it effortless for you to get a prefectly tailored, beautifully fitting suit. 


Collar and cuffs from skyrta of Iceland-Try our custom made shirts on your Iceland travels

Making It All Yours

You can choose from our selections of fine fabrics that you love and customize your shirts or suits-from collars and lapels to linings and monograms. 
Sérsaumaðar skyrta of jakkaföt frá skyrta reykjavik

Get Fitted For Delivery

We deliver tailored made shirts or suits within 3-4 weeks. Made to meaure suits may require a second fitting to perfect the fit. Final alterations are handled in house and your suit is delivered the next day. Once fitted, we store your measurements for the future orders.